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The saputo big cook up: over 57,000 meals prepared by employees for families in need since 2017

The saputo big cook up: over 57,000 meals prepared by employees for families in need since 2017

As a global leader in dairy processing, we have a responsibility to demonstrate good corporate citizenship in everything we do which extends beyond our organization and into the communities in which we operate. It’s the reason we look for opportunities to collaborate with local partners that help feed those in need, while also encouraging our employees to become actively engaged in our communities. For us, a brighter future is a healthier future – for our people and for our communities.

It's often said that cooking for others is an act of love. So, in December 2017, The Big Cook Up was first launched in Montreal as a unique and memorable community event, bringing together Saputo’s two greatest assets: its employees and its quality products. With the help of our passionate employees, we transformed our cafeterias at our offices into community kitchens and proudly created an event that partners with local charities that feed families in need. Following the great success of our first edition, we expanded the community event to more Canadian locations as well as to the United States, Australia and Argentina.

Since 2017, our employees volunteered 7,278 hours to prepare over 57,000 portions to various community partners across the globe:

Not only was each experience a resounding success based on the number of meals prepared and delivered across the community partners, but it also left a lasting impression on our employees who, following each event, expressed an increased sense of pride in working at Saputo and desire to participate in future volunteer opportunities. 

We are proud to support the creation of a future where all members of our community can have the opportunity to live a healthy, active lifestyle. We know Saputo’s culture, values, people and products contain the right ingredients to serve up a lasting impact in our communities. 

Over the last three years of this initiative, we’ve brought employees closer to their communities and would like to share some testimonials of The Big Cook Up experience: 

“Thank you for this activity, volunteering is very important for me and very rewarding." – Dairy Division (Canada) employee

“I remember that one of the questions I asked when I had my interviews was if they made donations to the community and my wish has been fulfilled! I am proud to work for a company that is dedicated to people."
– Dairy Division (Argentina) employee

“Fantastic opportunity to give back :)."
– Dairy Division (Canada) employee

“The togetherness that this event created will go forward in making a better team environment at Saputo. Thank you for the opportunity to give back as sometimes individuals are not sure on the best way to achieve that." – Dairy Division (Australia) employee

“First time I have ever participated, first time folks on my staff have participated and every single one of them is ready to do it again."
– Dairy Division (USA)

To get a sense of this engaging and momentous community event, we invite you to view the following videos of each Big Cook Up edition: 2017, 2018 and 2019

Giving back tastes good at Saputo! 



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