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Giving back has always been an intrinsic part of our culture and we care deeply about the communities we serve and operate in. 
Since our founding in 1954, it’s been important for Saputo to give back to the communities that have helped us flourish. Each year, we are committed to investing 1% of our annual pre-tax profits in those communities through financial contributions, product donations and by volunteering our time. 

In the last year, our financial and product donations, both from our food surplus and established community investment programs, reached over CDN$16 million. 

Our community engagement is focused on building healthier communities.
  • Providing nourishing food and promoting an active lifestyle.

  • Creating an engaged and healthy workforce.

  • Building sustainable and resilient farming communities.


our partnerships

We’ve reached 4.4 million people through our healthy living partnerships and programs.

legacy program

Our Saputo Legacy Program aims to support the improvement of local sport and health amenities, helping families lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. This program has allowed us to contribute to 80 projects, representing a total investment of CDN$3.7 million.

Community Videos

Supporting Our Communities
Grand défi Pierre Lavoie