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Saputo food quality and safety

Food quality and safety

As a world-class dairy processor, we strive to raise the bar when it comes to food quality and safety. 

We endeavour to offer products made to the highest industry standards; create a food safety culture where everyone understands, owns, and leads food safety; and contribute to industry-wide knowledge and best practices.

When it comes to our food safety programs, we manage our business with harmonized standards across our operations that focus on the goodness of our ingredients and that adhere to safe processing methods. To achieve this, we have a continuous improvement mindset where we review our procedures regularly to ensure they meet or exceed the latest legal requirements and industry best practices. 

Please refer to our Food Quality and Safety Policy for further information.

Saputo adheres to all regulatory requirements for food quality and nutrition labeling. Our facilities worldwide are audited internally and by third parties several times per year to assess compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as with international industry standards.

Our Food Quality and Safety Policy and related programs are overseen by our global Quality Assurance Committee—providing global governance to ensure our high standards are upheld consistently across our operations. In FY2024, 100% of our facilities were certified to Global Food Safety Initiative standards (GFSI) and maintained our high scores with 100% of the certified-facilities achieving a Good or Excellent audit rating.

Our commitment extends to our trusted partners. We share our food safety expectations with suppliers across our value chain and hold them to the same high standards. To this end, we have systems in place to trace products and raw materials. And because we always put food safety first, we also have robust contingency processes and precautionary measures in place, enabling us to take proactive and immediate action when necessary. 

To help share our best practices, we also have an ongoing involvement with external partners like Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) in the U.S. Together, we develop and execute food safety training workshops for dairy industry workers.