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Saputo Nutrition And Healthy Living


From the ingredients we source to the products we put on the shelves, we take great pride in offering high-quality products that support all lifestyles!
Anchored in our efforts to promote healthy living—and in response to growing consumer concerns—we have developed our Nutrition and Healthy Living plan, which outlines our core guiding principles for nutrition. These include: 
  • Advocating for dairy as an integral part of a balanced diet
  • Providing clear and transparent product information and making science-based health claims
  • Investing in research and development (R&D) to optimize the nutritional value of our products without compromising safety or taste
  • Using authoritative, evidence-based criteria to guide product development, innovation, reformulation, and portion sizes
  • Promoting and advertising products responsibly, particularly to children and youth


To this end, we developed the first-ever Saputo Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) and mapped our full global portfolio to understand the nutritional performance of our products and proactively identify opportunities to enhance our offerings in line with public health expectations and consumer needs. 

We are also actively pursuing more dairy alternative opportunities to complement our current product portfolio. To this end, we leveraged the R&D capabilities of our Dairy Division (UK) team to develop a delicious mozzarella alternative that has the right sensory attributes and continue to work with our Dairy Division (UK) team to grow our dairy alternative cheese offering. 

We also undertook a global review and consultation around our marketing activities, including the types of products that can be marketed to specific consumers. This is particularly important for our youngest consumers, as lifelong healthy eating habits are established during childhood. This review led to the development of our global Responsible Marketing Principles, to ensure we only market products meeting the most nutritious products (NPM Level 1) to children under the age of 15, to help families set healthy eating habits early.