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our people

Our employees are by far our most important asset. We care about their health and wellbeing, and endeavour to provide the best possible work environment for all.

At Saputo, we invest in our employees, continuously training and developing them so that they can have the skills needed to maintain high quality standards throughout our operations. We are committed to offering wages and benefits competitive with industry standards, and because retaining key talent is a priority for us, we focus on promoting from within.

Health and Safety

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a priority and we continue to increase our efforts to ensure we embed a culture of safety across our operations. Between FY2010 and FY2016, our Total Injury Frequency Rate (“TIFR”) improved by 67% while our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (“LTIFR”) posted a 60% improvement. Between FY2016 and FY2018, our TIFR has plateaued with an improvement of just below 1% whereas we lost some ground on our LTIFR with an increase of 22%. We’ve taken additional steps in F2018 to take our performance to the next level. We’ve implemented a global Health and Safety (“H&S”) Committee, led by our President and Chief Operating Officer, and composed of the H&S leaders of each of our Divisions. We’ve transferred some of the best  practices developed in food safety and are using the five pillars of Leadership, Knowledge, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Verification to drive our efforts.


We recognize that a diverse and inclusive environment, which values diversity of thought, background, skills and experience, facilitates a broader exchange of perspectives. Diversity enriches discussions and better reflects our relationship with customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders. In FY2018, we launched our global Diversity policy, setting direction and priorities for a diverse workforce. We’re proud to have a 50% representation of women on our Board of Directors and we continue to work at having further female representation at all levels of the Company.