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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


 Our Advancing Gender Balance initiative aims to increase the representation of women to 30% at senior levels and build a more diverse talent pipeline.
We all want to feel included. We want to be accepted and respected for our unique perspectives, make meaningful contributions and bring our real self to work every day.

Anchored in the Saputo Promise, we strive to provide our employees around the globe with equal opportunities and a sense of belonging, regardless of their background, experience or beliefs. We believe it creates a better work environment, fosters individual and team growth and ultimately leads to better products for our customers. It’s also just the right thing to do.

Our Commitment
to diversity,
equity &


Building a welcoming and diverse environment requires more than formal programs and initiatives. There are countless stories of employees jumping at opportunities, learning from their colleagues, and going out of their way to support one another. By understanding the unique needs of our employees, we can find ways to make sure diverse perspectives are included in ways that benefit our entire team.

Why does diversity, equity &
inclusion matter?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matters because it brings people, perspectives and ideas together, building stronger bonds as individuals and a stronger Company.


Diversity is about one’s uniqueness, similarities and differences that can be expressed in many ways, which may include race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, matrimonial status, civil status, diversity in abilities (physical and cognitive), experiences, thoughts, and beliefs.


Equity is about leveling the playing field. By offering different levels of support based on each of our needs, we are able to achieve greater fairness.


Inclusion is about embracing our uniqueness, similarities, and differences to build a culture of acceptance, equity, and respect where all employees feel a sense of belonging—that they are accepted and valued for who they are.


It is about everyone feeling accepted and valued for who they are.


“Working at Saputo, you are part of a reputable organization. One which shares nice values, which permit you to learn and evolve all while feeling included and appreciated.” 

Coordinator, Human Resources
Dairy Division (Canada)
“Strong work ethic, sincere morals and consistent personal values are at the core of each of our leaders. These attributes foster a culture of trust and empowerment, which allows me to be creative and bring fresh, actionable ideas to the table. Our values are always what drives our actions.”

Plant Manager
Dairy Division (USA)   
"A key strength of Saputo is the importance it puts on the care, well-being and personal development of its employees. When working at Saputo, you are part of the Saputo family. As part of the Innovation team, I understand that to drive successful innovation we must be a truly diverse and inclusive business, we must have the ability to adapt to changes that are happening around us and we must put our people first to deliver a sustainable and successful future for our current and future employees." 

Manager, Packaging Development  
Dairy Division (UK)
“The Unconscious Bias program at Saputo is well structured and delivered, providing a simple understanding of the topic. It helps highlight those little thought patterns that on the surface you may not be aware of. This program helps leaders to create a greater diverse work force and help to grow the culture of Saputo” 

Supervisor, Laboratory 
Dairy Division (Australia)
“I am proud to work for Saputo as they are a strong, supportive, family-orientated and inclusive company. This Company also embraces equality within the workplace.  Saputo has provided me with the opportunity to develop my knowledge, experience and skills, through a clearly defined development path whilst challenging me to stretch myself outside my comfort zone."

Manager, Technical Systems 
Dairy Division (UK)
Harnessing and promoting the power of diversity
Comprised of employees from each division, with diverse representation, the council continues to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. Through different initiatives, our goal is to further our impact and cultivate an environment that fosters diversity of thought, background, skills and experience, as well as facilitate a broader exchange of perspectives.

As part of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey, we are pleased to announce our global partnership with Catalyst. Moreover, to further our commitment to accelerate change, Lino Saputo, Jr. will join Catalyst CEO Champions for Change along with more than 70 CEOs who have publicly pledged to advance more women into leadership positions.

Furthermore, in December 2020, 14 of our employees across all our Divisions participated in the MARC Summit – Men Advocating for Real Change. Over this two-day virtual experience, participants heard personal stories from men who spoke about their challenge to be authentic and invited them to engage in more effective gender partnerships to model a healthier culture of masculinity. Read more about this Case Study here.



To make sure we’re doing everything to support our employees and promote an equal opportunity environment, we started hosting “VOICES”, events where employees can share their personal experiences and recommend actions. These events help us gather employees’ insights to validate and prioritize opportunities for enhancing our D&I while achieving our business objectives.

“Having such a diverse group with different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and personalities leads to rich discussions and powerful outcomes.”
Part of ensuring an inclusive work environment is equipping our leaders with tools to be inclusive in their leadership approach. Our leadership development programs aim to equip our leaders so that they can better support every person on their team and unleash their true potential.

As we continue to grow, we need to remain mindful of how our unconscious bias can impact the contribution of others. We introduced unconscious bias training in 2019 so our people managers are better equipped to recognize bias and improve our decision-making. Read more about this in our Case Study section.

“Some great eye-opening examples of our own biases – impactful.”
“Keeping this at the forefront of our jobs is very important.”

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