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Saputo listened to consumers and evolved its friendship dairies cottage cheese

Saputo listened to consumers and evolved its friendship dairies cottage cheese

Our commitment to serving high quality products means we’re regularly evaluating our processes and the ingredients used in our products. This pledge was at the forefront of the recent evolution of our Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese.

In listening to what consumers had to say about our cottage cheese, we heard some questions about the carrageenan and locust bean gums used in our recipe for providing a creamier and drier product. This prompted us to investigate, and ultimately determine, that these ingredients, although harmless to consume, were no longer aligned with the standards our customers expect for our products. This motivated us to evolve our Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese recipe.

In 2017, our team began the research and development process to discover a better recipe that would exclude these ingredients, while maintaining the taste and texture that our customers have come to expect from Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese.

In 2018, we unveiled the new recipe, and since, we have been extremely pleased with the results. When observing the reaction from our consumers, we saw not only an appreciation for the revised recipe, but also for our efforts to listen, and adjust to their feedback. Moreover, our new recipe was recognized further when the award-winning food and cooking website, Epicurious, named Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese as the “Best Cottage Cheese You Can Buy at the Store” later that year.

Building on the success of this initiative, we will continue to explore new ways to optimize recipes as we continuously strive to improve on all aspects of our products.

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