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Doing Our Part

While many things have slowed down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, others have unfolded at an impressive pace, including the many initiatives our brands are putting forward to help sensitize individuals on the importance of following the health authorities’ guidelines, entertain families during lockdowns or support those in need by leveraging their long-time partnerships with retailers and community organizations.

Here are just a few examples of how our brands and teams are activating to do their part:

  • In the Dairy Division (Canada), our Dairyland brand teamed up with BC Dairy and Kidsport to donate sports equipment to families in need to ensure that everyone can play home safely.
  • In the USA, our leading brand Frigo Cheese Heads decided to inspire consumers to think differently about spending quality time with their families via snack crafts.
  • The Dairy Division (Australia) supported the Stephanie Alexander Garden Foundation in launching new online resources to enable educators to deliver engaging food education to children at over 2,000 Australian schools and services.
  • In the Dairy Division (Argentina), La Paulina, our nearly centennial brand developed special digital content, including live videos on Instagram and raffles, to encourage its numerous social followers to enjoy their time at home cooking with their loved ones.
  • In the Dairy Division (UK), our brand Cathedral City took advantage of its privileged connection with consumers as the nation's favourite cheese to encourage people to protect their safety, and that of others, by staying home when possible.

We believe we all need to join forces in responding to this global crisis, and we are grateful to our brands for taking ownership in undertaking creative support initiatives.